84 series lights by Bocci

84 series lights by Bocci



84 series lights by Bocci are comprised of low-voltage blown glass sphere pendants, each housing a 1.5-watt LED lamp.


The 84 series lights by Bocci are available individually as the 84.1 which come with height adjustable cables, 2500k LED bulb, a transformer, and a choice of their own individual canopies.  We recommend either the mini canopy (when the transformer will be hidden in ceiling) or deep canopy (transformer is integrated into ceiling fitting).


The most popular option is where Bocci offer an arrangement of either 5, 7, 9, 11 or 14 of the lights fitted with cables to a white power-coated metal ceiling canopy:

Models 84.5 / 84.7 / 84.9 have height adjustable cables, whereas with models 84.11 / 84.14 the customer chooses a maximum and minimum hanging height when ordering, then Bocci’s technicians produce cables cut to a range of heights within this window.


84.1   🍊 x 1 with a choice of canopy = £820

84.5   🍊 x 5 on a round plate = £4095

84.7   🍊 x 7 on a round plate = £5745

84.9   🍊 x 9 on a rectangular plate = £8725

84.11  🍊 x 11 on a choice of plate = £10675

84.14  🍊 x 14 on a choice of plate = £13575


Please contact us for quotes and advice on other configurations.


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84 series lights by Bocci

A white glass bubble is captured inside a fine copper mesh basket and then plunged into hot clear glass.  Air is blown into the matrix to gently push the white glass through the mesh, creating a delicate pillowed form that is suspended inside the thick outer layer of clear glass.  Sometimes the copper mesh basket folds and crinkles, adding specificity to each piece.  Undulations in the exterior shape are a natural consequence of the fabrication process and accentuate the gentle white pillowing below.  An LED light source is introduced into the piece, casting a warm coppery hue.


notes on installation:

If hanging above a dining table, we recommend having 70<75cm of space above the table and below the lights.
Based on a ceiling height of H235cm, this would give a hanging window (measured from the underside of the canopy to the bottom of the pendant) of minimum cable length 35cm < maximum length of 80cm.  If choosing a canopy plate, this has a depth of 53mm; it can be surface mounted, or flush mounted inside a ceiling.  On installation, your electrician should secure the canopy plate first.

84.11 and 84.14 use headphone jack connections, which allow the pendants to be “plugged into” the canopy for fast and easy installation.  Here, pendant lengths are pre-set during production and are not site adjustable.  In the case of a 84.11 and 84.14 the cables cannot be readjusted – this is only possible with 84.184.9.  However, the customer will be able to order new cables and they would be cut to length by technicians at Bocci. 

When ordering either of the 84.11 or 84.14 series arrangements on a canopy, we will ask for your preferred hanging heights.
Bocci’s technicians will set the shortest and longest cable lengths within a height window, and the remaining lights will be staggered in between.  The pendants will arrive with their cables pre-cut to various lengths within your min < max requested heights.  The cables should be plugged into the secured canopy plate and connected to the pendants to create your desired arrangement.

A 24w driver is also included; this fits behind canopy plate and is trailing edge dimmable.

Each 84 series pendant weighs approx 2kg.


notes on bulbs:

Each pendant is supplied with 1.5-watt LED bulb.  We think 2500 kelvin LED bulbs suit the lights best; a 3500k LED bulb is also available – but the light emitted by these can be considered too white and perhaps not orange enough for this series.  Xenon bulbs don’t tend to work well with the 84 series and are more suited to other lights.  Xenon is more popular for series that need candlelight effect, such as series 14.


Specifications and Instructions:

Bocci 84.1 m –  click here

Bocci 84.1 deep –  click here

Bocci 84.5  –  click here

Bocci 84.7  –  click here

Bocci 84.9 Linear  –  click here

Bocci 84.11 Rectangle  –  click here

Bocci 84.11 Square  –  click here

Bocci 84.14 Rectangle  –  click here

Bocci 84.14 Round  –  click here


Product Overview:  click here


FAQs:  click here


We also offer the entire Bocci range of lights, including the 14 series, 73 series, and 84 series.


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84.1 m (adjustable pendant with mini canopy), 84.1 deep (adjustable pendant with deep canopy), 84.5 (5 adjustable pendants on ⌀152mm plate), 84.7 (7 adjustable pendants on ⌀203mm plate), 84.9 (9 adjustable pendants on 1200x224mm plate), 84.11 (11 fixed pendants on 850x284mm plate), 84.11 (11 fixed pendants on 508x508mm plate), 84.14 (14 fixed pendants on 850x284mm plate), 84.14 (14 fixed pendants on ⌀508mm plate)

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