TT outdoor table by Heerenhuis: made from Bluestone and solid oak for use indoor/outdoors

TT outdoor table by Heerenhuis: made from Bluestone and solid oak for use indoor/outdoors



The TT outdoor table is made with a Belgian Bluestone top fixed over a solid French oak frame.

Heerenhuis produce the TT outdoor as a Made to Measure table – where almost any size is possible.

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TT outdoor table by Heerenhuis:  Made to Measure sizes
Below we have a price guide for our most popular bespoke sizes, but please get in touch for quotes on your preferred measurements.

prices based on a 4 leg table:
220 x 100 x H76cm = £5095
240 x 100 x H76cm = £5350
260 x 100 x H76cm = £5595
280 x 100 x H76cm = £5795
300 x 100 x H76cm = £5995

prices based on a 6 leg table:
320 x 100 x H76cm = £6995
360 x 100 x H76cm = £7450
400 x 100 x H76cm = £7895


Depending on the size and weight of the Bluestone top, it is likely to be produced in two parts.

Our other outdoor tables include the Mesa Nero OutdoorKombinat table and Louza table.


Bluestone tables by Heerenhuis can should be cleaned regularly with damp cloth.
If you need to remove any stains that appear (oil, red wine etc), then any general marble and stone cleaning solution may be used.

Particularly during the winter, but also when using air conditioning, relative humidity must be kept in mind.  Relative humidity should ideally be between 50% and 60%.  Less than 40% can lead to various types of damage in wood, mainly cracks.


Heerenhuis was first established as an antique business in Antwerp, Belgium in 1978, they then began making tables in the early 2000’s.  The Company, run by Louis Van Haesebrouck, specialises in contemporary furniture, with a particular emphasis on tables.

“We make tables. That’s what we do” is Heerenhuis Manufacturer’s manifesto. They focus on making contemporary furniture in a traditional manner. They use a range of authentic materials including French Oak, vegetable tanned leather, marble, brass and steel.

Heerenhuis insist on making their products using basic, uncomplicated, non-perfect, yet good quality materials. Their expertise, craftsmanship and mainly love of what they do is evident in their stunning furniture. They also offer a made to measure system, where almost any size of their tables is available to be made. Although some of their products do not come made to measure because of the nature of materials used to create them, most can be customised.  Being able to order tables made to measure is brilliant, allowing you to get a piece that not only looks great but is the perfect size for your home. Available in the collection are dining tables, side tables, coffee tables, chairs, console tables, desks and more.


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Made to Measure sizes (6-8 week lead time)

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